How to Sneak More Water into Your Diet 5 Tips

Youre probably well aware of the health benefits of drinking water rather than soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol. Its fantastic, not only for your general health, but also the way you look and feel! Many people find keeping to a balanced diet difficult as they find themselves feeling hungry throughout the day. In fact, these feelings are more often than not symptoms of thirst sipping regularly on a bottle of clean, cold, filtered water throughout the day is enough to keep these feelings at bay for most people.

Drinking water rather than coffee or energy drinks is also surprisingly effective at maintaining your energy levels throughout the day. While these drinks do indeed contain caffeine to keep you buzzed, most peoples tired feelings are often a sign of dehydration which soft drinks in particular dont help with even half as much as a glass of water.

The only thing going against pure water is that, compared to most other drinks, it doesnt taste as nice. Fortunately, theres a couple of things you can do to trick yourself into drinking more water and start enjoying the benefits. Tackle food cravings, get better skin, have higher energy levels and give yourself a greater chance of losing weight by following these tips:

1. Use Ice.

Water tastes much better when its chilled. If youre at work or out, a good trick is to half-fill a bottle with water and lay it on its side in the freezer overnight. Fill it with water just before leaving the house. That way youll have a bottle of chilled water with you.

2. Use Fruit.

If youre at home, try a wedge of lemon, lime or orange in your glass of water to give it a beautifully refreshing taste. Even better with a few ice cubes much healthier than a soda and at least as tasty!

3. Take a Bottle to Work.

Youve probably got a lot to deal with at work, so if you have a bottle of water to sip from, youll probably find yourself swigging from that rather than break your concentration to go and make a tea or a coffee.

4. Invest in a Filter

If you live in an area with hard water, or youve noticed a slight chlorine smell to your drinking water, we dont blame you for finding it unappealing. The best way to tackle this is with an under-sink filter one you dont have to worry about refilling and keeping in the fridge, but one that works every time you pour water. These filters really do improve the quality of your drinking water!

5. Focus on How You Feel

When youre fully hydrated, you feel bright, alert and ready for anything. About half an hour after a coffee, energy drink or soda, chances are youll start to feel bad. Take notice of how much better you feel after drinking water and youll soon find the temptation for other drinks draining away.