Stress Management Games

Stress management games are a great tool in your arsenal to combat stress. When the signs of stress begin to surface, you have to take charge! It’s no good just ignoring the symptoms that are all too obvious. If you do, then you are heading for a nasty fall.

The symptoms of stress are wide and varied, and can have a substantial impact on your health and wellbeing. So it’s in your own interest (and of those around you) to do all you can to rid yourself of stress.

There are many techniques, from meditation through to exercise. These are the obvious ones and are both fantastic. Exercise especially has had a lot of press attention in recent years . . . and it’s all down to endorphins, the feel good chemicals released in your brain.

But another technique, often overlooked, is the use of simple stress management games. These are great for relaxation or alleviating pent up tension. It’s a simply case of finding something that you enjoy doing and makes you feel good. If you feel good, then you are less stressed! Take a look at the list of games below. Find one that suits you and give it a go. You’ll be amazed!

List of Stress Management Games

Computer games can be a great stress reliever. And your choices are virtually limitless. Take a look at the PlayStation, Nintendo Wii Fit, and Xbox. You are bound to find a game that takes your mind off things. Don’t become too competitive though. This could have the opposite effect!

Then there’s the Rubik’s Cube! The classic retro game. I love this game, but have never actually finished it myself. My brother claimed to have completed it once, but it turned out he took the stickers off and put them back on as if he’d done it!

How about a solo game of cards? There are many variations of solitaire for example. Yes, you can do this on your computer, which is also much quicker. But there’s something about doing it the old-fashioned way, with a deck of cards. There’s something satisfying about having them in your hands and shuffling the cards.

Buy yourself a puzzle book. These are great stress management games and give your brain a good workout, too. These games will get you thinking in a different way, and take your mind away from the things that might be causing you stress. Sometimes it’s our own thoughts that lead us to become stressed. So these are great for interrupting those negative thoughts.

Finding your own Stress Relieving Games

The list above is short but effective. But there are many other games you could use to help yourself combat stress.

The trick is to find something you enjoy, something to focus your mind on. We all have triggers and stressors that send our stress levels sky high. Find something which will abate your stress or eliminate it altogether.